Every package is ready to shoot right out of the box. There is zero risk of compatibility issues between components and zero frustration.

Shadow Black caMO

"Shadow Black Camo is the new Camouflage"

When you're hunting from a blind, in the early or late hours of the day, matte black camo is the obvious choice. Besides, it just looks great at the range.

We’ve had some companies outside the USA copy the Apollo Tactical Package. To ensure you are buying an authentic Apollo Tactical Compound bow package, our risers, limbs, and arrow rests are finished in our one of a kind Apollo Tactical shadow black camouflage.

1st timer videos

We have designed the package for the first time archer to the pro-shooter. You do not need a bow press or a pro shop to make adjustments. Check out Survival Lilly in Austria and Nate,  "The Canadian Prepper" set-up and use a compound bow for the first time!

cnc milled aluminum Parts

Billet aluminum is used in a CNC machine to make the cams, riser, stabilizer and other major parts of our compound bow package. The bow is finished and assembled by hand.

A great video from Ray in NY

A short Slow Motion video of the Apollo Tactical Compound Bow Package at 50 Yards.

Bowhunting Wild Boar in FL

Just a few seconds of an Apollo Tactical Compound Bow in slow motion at 30 Yards. Cool Thumbnail Image!

a complete package

The entire package is double-boxed and shipped secured in a ruggedized, double-walled flight case. Four straps secure the bow to the foam lined case.

NO bow press needed to adjust the draw length or the draw weight.

We include all tools needed to make quick adjustments

we include 12 arrows

the aluminum arrows are rugged and great for target practice. the light weight high speed carbon mix arrows are equipped with razor sharp laser edged broadheads. all your needs are covered in one case. the fletching veins and nocks are clocked to match our arrow rest and d-loop.

quiver included

all of our accessories are made for this compound bow package. there is no chance of compatibility issues. the entire package just works.

test fired

Every package is hand assembled and is test fired in Florida. Apollo tactical is not a mass production factory, it's a family business. you can contact us any time.


Pure Carbon Arrow Sets Now Available

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Organization Memberships

Member of the International Bowhunting Organization

Apollo Tactical is a registered trademark of Expedition Research LLC in Florida, a family company.